Explorers and Pirates: Digital Creators and the Creation of Value(s)

On June 18th and 19th, 2014, the EUSP’s Center for Science and Technology Studies hosted a conference titled “Explorers and Pirates: Digital Creators and the Creation of Value(s).”

Reexamining Economic and Political Reforms in Russia, 1985–2000: Generations, Ideas, and Changes

On June 30, Lexingron Books will publish a new book written by the Center for Modernization Studies (М-Center) Vladimir Gel'man, Dmitry Travin, Otar Marganiya

Elisabeth Ludeking - winner of rowing regatta in St.Petersburg

On June 4, 2014 Elisabeth Ludeking, a student in the IMARES program, took part in the 3rd Jury Tukalov's rowing regatta at "Znamia" rowing club and placed first in single scull racing.

Country or Gas Station? Experiencing the Critical Theory of the Super-Extractive State

May 30th, cultural historian Alexander Etkind gave a public lecture on the concept of the super-extractive state.

New Approaches to Cold War History

May 29th, Federico Romero, dean of the Department of History and Civilizations at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence, gave a lecture on new approaches to Cold War history.

What is Cultural Transfer?

May 26th in the EUSP’s Gold Hall the French historian Michele Espagne gave a lecture.

The 13th Meeting of Friends and Trustees of the European University at St. Petersburg

On May 22nd, the 13th meeting of friends and trustees of the EUSP took place in the Hermitage’s Hall of the State Council, chaired by Mikhail Piotrovksy and Alexei Kudrin. During the meeting, the most representative in the history of such events, negotiations with current and potential EUSP donors were held.

Ivan Goncharov, Ivan Turgenev, Feodor Dostoevsky, and A. P. Chekhov on Putin’s Russia

On May 14th an 21st Dmitry Travin, professor in the Department of Economics, gave two lectures titled “Ivan Goncharov, Ivan Turgenev, Feodor Dostoevsky, and Anton Chekhov on Putin’s Russia” .


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