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Серия препринтов Центра экономических исследований энергетики и окружающей среды выпускается на английском языке. Серия индексируется системой RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) и доступна через EconPapers. Индексируемые RePEc препринты находятся через интернет с помощью распространенных инструментов Google Scholar и Microsoft Academic Search.



Ref.: CE3S-02/16, On Discounting and Voting in a Simple Growth Model
by Kirill Borissov, Mikhail Pakhnin and Clemens Puppe

Ref.: CE3S-01/16, Green Attitude and Economic Growth
by Ingrid Ott and Susanne Soretz



Ref.: CE3S-07/15, Cumulative Emissions, Unburnable Fossil Fuel and the Optimal Carbon Tax
by Armon Rezai and Frederick van der Ploeg

Ref.: CE3S-06/15, Honest versus Misleading Certification
by Philippe Mahenc

Ref.: CE3S-05/15, Spatial Resource Management under Pollution Externalities
by Anastasios Xepapadeas and Athanasios Yannacopoulos

Ref.: CE3S-04/15, Second-best Carbon Taxation in the Global Economy: The Green Paradox and Carbon Leakage Revisited
by Frederick van der Ploeg

Ref.: CE3S-03/15, Limit Cycles under a Negative Effect of Pollution on Consumption Demand: The Role of an Environmental Kuznets Curve
by Stefano Bosi and David Desmarchelier

Ref.: CE3S-02/15, Free-Riding on Environmental Taxation
by Maria Chistyakova and Philippe Mahenc

Ref.: CE3S-01/15, Models and Games with Adaptation and Mitigation
by Yuri Yatsenko



Ref.: CE3S-05/14, Economic Growth and Property Rights on Natural Resources
by Kirill Borissov and Mikhail Pakhnin

Ref.: CE3S-04/14, Trade and the Environmental Kuznets Curve: A Panel Data Approach
by Olga Podkorytova and Yulia Raskina

Ref.: CE3S-03/14, Markov Perfect Equilibria in Differential Games with Regime Switching Strategies
by Ngo Van Long, Fabien Prieur, Klarizze Puzon and Mabel Tidball

Ref.: CE3S-02/14, Growth and Mitigation Policies with Uncertain Climate Change
by Lucas Bretschger and Alexandra Vinogradova

Ref.: CE3S-01/14, Payments for Carbon Sequestration in Agricultural Soils: Incentives for the Future and Rewards for the Past
by Mireille Chiroleu-Assouline and Sébastien Roussel



Ref.: CE3S-06/13, Scarcity vs. Pollution in Public Policy toward Fossil Fuels
by Nikita Lyssenko and Leslie Shiell

Ref.: CE3S-05/13, Pollution Effects on Labor Supply and Growth
by Stefano Bosi, David Desmarchelier, and Lionel Ragot

Ref.: CE3S-04/13, The Endogenous Formation of An Environmental Culture
by Ingmar Schumacher

Ref.: CE3S-03/13, Hedonic Model with Discrete Consumer Heterogeneity and Horizontal Differentiated Housing
by Masha Maslianskaia-Pautrel

Ref.: CE3S-02/13, Climate Policy and Catastrophic Change: Be Prepared and Avert Risk
by Frederick van der Ploeg and Aart de Zeeuw

Ref.: CE3S-01/13, Optimal Harvesting of a Spatial Renewable Resource
by Stefan Behringer and Thorsten Upmann 



Ref.: CE3S-06/12, The Clean Development Mechanism in a Global Carbon Market
by Thierry Bréchet, Yann Méniere, and Pierre M. Picard

Ref.: CE3S-05/12, The Optimal Carbon Tax and Economic Growth: Additive versus Multiplicative Damages
by Armon Rezai, Frederick van der Ploeg, and Cees Withagen

Ref.: CE3S-04/12, Use Less, Pay More: Can Climate Policy Address the Unfortunate Event for Being Poor?
by Lucas Bretschger and Nujin Suphaphiphat

Ref.: CE3S-03/12, From Regressive Pollution Taxes to Progressive Environmental Tax Reforms
by Mireille Chiroleu-Assouline and Mouez Fodha

Ref.: CE3S-02/12, Environmental Maintenance in a Dynamic Model with Heterogenous Agents
by Kirill Borissov, Thierry Bréchet, and Stéphane Lambrecht

Ref.: CE3S-01/12, Are Clean Technology and Environmental Quality Conflicting Policy Goals?
by Thierry Bréchet and Guy Meunier

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