Department of Anthropology


Among the research priorities of the department are the following: 

  • the structure and semantics of folklore traditions
  • myth and ritual in the context of traditions
  • research into oral narratives 
  • problems of social memory
  • popular religiosity
  • the anthropology of ethnicity 
  • micro-sociological research into various spheres of communication
  • sociolinguistic problems of Russia and the governments of  
    post-Soviet space 
  • (socio)linguistics and anthropological studies of towns 
  • (socio)linguistic research of sparsely populated communities in the extreme North, Far East and Siberia
  • cultural-anthropological research into the current situation in Siberia and the North
  • digital anthropology: anthropological and sociological research into the interaction between man and technology, particularly with regard to contemporary information technology
  • disability studies and psychological anthropology 
  • migration studies

Most of the research conducted at the department both by students and faculty is based on extensive fieldwork. All first year students attend a course in Fieldwork Methods, which offers a theoretical and practical introduction to anthropological field research.

The fieldwork geography of students and faculty covers numerous towns and villages in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Europe, Turkey, Korea, and Israel, and extends from the Far North to India and Ethiopia.

Topics of dissertation research conducted at the department (in Russian) 


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