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Seminars and conferences

Apart from  Research Seminar, in which students present the results of their field work and dissertation research, the department  of Anthropology currently has a number of regular thematic academic seminars:  

Seminar on Urban Anthropology and Urban Folklore

The regular seminar on Urban Anthropology and Urban Folklore (the Urban Seminar) began  in February 2011. Its primary task is to initiate a discussion of general methodological issues and particular areas of urban research in anthropology, folklore studies and related disciplines. The seminar discusses a wide range of issues related to the study of cultural traditions, everyday and ritual practices, verbal and audiovisual texts, mental stereotypes and perceptions either directly related to urban space, the urban environment and the self-awareness of local urban communities or issues that have emerged and/or been transformed within urban culture in the modern and contemporary periods. 

The seminar focuses on the following problems:

  • History and theory of urban research in the social sciences and the humanities
  • Semiotics and axiology of urban space in cultural texts and practices
  • Construction of the city’s image in folklore, literature and journalism
  • Local communities and local identities
  • Urban subcultures
  • Genres, poetics and communicative contexts of contemporary urban folklore
  • The language of the city and urban dialects

The seminar meets twice monthly.

Seminar leader: Mikhail Lurye
Secretary: Alexandra Peer

Past events (in Russian)


Siberian Seminar

The EUSP’s Siberian Seminar was organized in 2004. The seminar is intended to span an interdisciplinary range of academic fields, rather than limiting itself to the confines of anthropology. The seminar’s task is to provide researchers studying various problems of Siberia and the Russian Artic with the most nuanced understanding of the region. The seminar brings together members of different academic disciplines involved in this region—people who traditionally do not know much about each other—to discuss their research projects, methods, and emerging issues.

The seminar is currently run by the chair in Artic Social Sciences, held by Nikolay Vakhtin.

Past events (in Russian)


Seminar on the Anthropology of Religion

The seminar on the Anthropology of Religion (Sergei Shtyrkov, director) began in September 2009 and is held once a month. Presenters include the department’s students, alumni and faculty, as well as guests from other institutions. One of the seminar’s tasks is to involve outside specialists practicing “non-core” disciplines that are vital for the development of this research field.

The seminar on the Anthropology of Religion is one instance of the department’s general interest in research in the field of contemporary religion. Another aspect of the department’s work in this field is numerous major research projects involving faculty, alumni and students.

Past events (in Russian)


Seminar on Transnationalism and Migration Studies

The scientific seminar “Transnational and Migration Research” has operated as part of the BP Professorship in Migration Studies in the Department of Anthropology since 2013.

Migration is currently one of the most important social and political issues in both Russia and the world. It has also become an important element of contemporary theorizing on what constitutes a person and society, the state and its borders, modernity and tradition. The seminar’s objectives are to discuss various aspects of these problems and socially significant conceptual issues, as well as to inform about leading studies in migration and their results.

Seminar leader: Sergei Abashin

Past events (in Russian)


All seminars are open to the public.  Announcements of the forthcoming events can be found here (in Russian).


"Anthropology. Sociolinguistics. Folklore Studies" Conference

Since March 2012 the Department of Anthropology has held the annual international conference for graduate students conducting research in social and cultural anthropology, sociolinguistics, folklore studies and neighbouring disciplines "Anthropology. Folklore Studies. Socilinguistics" for upper-level undergraduate, masters and PhD students.  

 The following topics is usually discussed at the conference:

  • Cultural Anthropology: Rituals and everyday life; cultural identities; the semiotics of objects and behaviors; ethnic and migration processes; confessional communities; contemporary subcultures.
  • Folkloristics: Folklore theory and the history of folkloristics; structure and poetics of folkloric forms; socio-cultural contexts and functions of folklore; the construction of folklore; para-folkloric phenomena. 
  • Sociolinguistics: Social dialects and registers; linguistic contacts; linguistic situations and politics; language and identity; cultural aspects of language choice. 

Conference participants get acquainted with the scientific and research environment of the Anthropology Department and EUSP as a whole.  

Conference participants are selected on a competitive basis. To participate, the following documents should be sent to the Organizing Committee when the call for papers is announced:

  1. An abstract of your report, 5,000-10,000 characters (including spaces, references, footnotes, bibliography); 
  2. Author’s information: first and last name; institution and department; status (undergraduate, masters, or PhD student, young specialist); contact information (an email address is required, and a mobile phone number is preferred).

In 2018 the conference will take place on March 22-24, the deadline for application is January 31, 2018. Results will be announced no later than Febrary 25, 2018. 

 In case if any questions please contact the Organizing committee: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please visit the Russian page of the conference for more details.

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