For alumni

Scavenger hunt

Dear Students and Alumni,

If you like to spend your time walking, searching for extraordinary places, that are hidden from tourists, EUSP Alumni Association and EUSP International Programs invite you to a scavenger hunt.

10/05 2:00 p.m.

You will
- discover some interesting facts about St. Petersburg, the EUSP, its palace and historical personalities,
- test your knowledge of official and informal sights of St. Petersburg
- seize the opportunity to walk in the city before it is covered in snow slush Every university has its own talisman, its symbol.

The snail is the symbol of the EUSP (for its sluggishness, probably) that reminds students unhurried in their research. How do EUSP students perceive St. Petersburg? What is EUSP's place in this city? We are waiting for your creative answers. Find a checkpoint, choose an interesting perspective, put a snail into the context (you can use a toy, a picture or anything that reminds a snail) and take a picture of it. In the end these pictures will form an exhibition at the EUSP.

When you finish the race, post your pictures at to mark the time of finishing.

Winners will get a prize.
This walk takes you 3 hours and does not require any preparation.

TO JOIN: answer this email before 10/4 11:59 p.m.

You can also register right before the race.

Pedestrian team: 2-6 persons, bike-team 2-4 persons. Feel free to bring your friends!

Team equipment:
- A snail =)
- a camera (you can use your phone)
- student card or any ID

Teams will start from EUSP hall at 2.00 p.m. and leave in 5 minutes intervals.

The finish time will be marked by your facebook post.

There are some rules of the race:
- drinking alcohol in the streets is prohibited
- don't take a public transport unless it allowed in the task
- in case of difficulty or if you want to quit the race call +7 921 563 38 34

Good luck to all of you!

Feed your mind, find your passion

Thinking about studying at a American graduate university in the heart of Europe?

You are cordially invited to learn about MA and PhD Programs and Fellowships at Central European University. Central European University is an American accredited, English-language, graduate university located in Budapest, Hungary.

CEU offers programs in the social sciences, humanities, law, public policy, business management, economics, environmental sciences and policy, and mathematics. Central European University is accredited in the United States and in Hungary, and provides merit-based scholarships and fellowships for graduate study.

Date: 7 October, 2013, Conference-Hall, EUSP

Graduation ceremony at EUSPb

On June, 28 the traditional graduation ceremony took place at the university. 37 people got the EUSPb certificates of 3-year program completion, 49 alumni got master's degree. The evening ended with a small banquet and a disco. Congratulations to our graduates and welcome to EUSPb alumni community!

Alumni meeting with the rector

On June, 28 an informal alumni meeting with the EUSPb rector Oleg Kharhordin was held. The first vise-rector Boris Kolonitsky also attended the event. During the conversation alumni discuss several questions as receiving the information about the events at EU, communicational problems, job placement and recruitment. They also supported the idea of regular meetings and alumni ball. 

On June,26 the traditional PNiS and international programs graduation party took place

On Wednesday the traditional joint graduation boat party of international programs and the department of political science and sociology was held. The participants enjoyed the trip on Neva river, food, drinks and music. EU graduates 2013 got special T-shirts and each of them launched fireworks.

On the 26th of June the 15th anniversary of EUSP international programs and PNiS graduation party take place

On the 26th of June the traditional joint graduation party of political science and sociology department and EU international programs, which are celebrating their 15th anniversary this year, will be held. We have the pleasure to invite the alumni to the night boat as well as to the evening of jazz at JFC club!

Alumni meeting in Berlin

19-21 March 2013 the traditional European Alumni Association weekend took place in Berlin.

The first issue of ENERPO Journal

In March 2013 students and faculty of the Energy Politics in Eurasia (ENERPO) program at European University at St. Petersburg, among whom there are EU alumni as well, established their oun online journal.

The second issue of alumni electronic newsletter has come out

It was related to the 5th anniversary of "fire crisis" celebration in EUSP, which took place on the 21st of March 2013.

New Year Alumni newsletter has come out

The first issue of alumni electronic newsletter appeared shortly before the New Year 2012/2013 celebration.