Event date: 12.04.2017 Rubric: Letters of Support

The Aleksanteri Institute, the Finnish Centre for Russian and Eastern European Studies at the University of Helsinki, expresses its strong support for the European University at St. Petersburg (EUSP).

Since the founding of our institute in 1996, EUSP has been one of our primary partners for scholarly dialogue in Russia. Over the past two decades, we have exchanged researchers, instructors, and graduate students. All these interactions have been invaluable for the development of Finland's understanding of Russia.

The exceptionally high quality of scholarship and teaching at the EUSP has, we believe, served a similarly important role in Russia, expanding the borders of knowledge and preparing new generations of students ready to serve Russia. Indeed, the world-class social sciences and humanities scholarship that EUSP has produced goes beyond Russia and Finland. The knowledge generated by the institution is vital to finding mutually beneficial answers to our shared global challenges.

We trust that the long-standing Russian intellectual tradition is valued, cherished, and defended by those making decisions about the future of Russian higher education. We hope that the administrative details threatening EUSP's teaching licence and the question of the rental of EUSP premises can swiftly be resolved. We at the Aleksanteri Institute urge the relevant authorities to do all in their power to ensure the continuation of the teaching and scholarship at this renowned institute of higher education.

We look forward to further fruitful cooperation with the EUSP.


Professor Markku Kivinen
Director of the Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki

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