Event date: 20.12.2017 Organizer: Department of Political Science and Sociology Speaker: Иван Григорьев Rubric: Achievements

EUSP Political Science and Sociology Department graduate Ivan Grigoriev defended his dissertation "Transformatsiia institutov sudebnoi vlasti v protsesse konsolidatsii gibridnogo politicheskogo rezhima (na primere Konstitutsionnogo suda Rossiiskoi Federatsii) [Transformation of Judiciary Institutions in the Process of Consolidating a Hybrid Political Regime (on the Example of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation)]" at the National Research University Higher School of Economics on December 19, 2017.

Grigoriev began his research at the European University under the guidance of Professor Grigorii Golosov.

His dissertation supervisor at HSE was Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor Alexander Sungurov.

The full text of the dissertation in Russian as well as its abstract and reviews are available online here.

We congratulate Ivan Grigoriev on his successful defense!

Photo by: Alexandra Karelina

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