Event date: 22.12.2017 Organizer: Development office

The 19th meeting of the Friends and Trustees of the EUSP Endowment Fund was held at the Moscow City Golf Club on December 14. In addition to the management, trustees and professors of the university, the meeting was attended by representatives of Russian businesses, as well as public and political figures: presidential aide Andrei Fursenko, Governor of the Novgorod Oblast Andrei Nikitin, heads of the Boris Yeltsin Foundation Tatiana Yumasheva and Valentin Yumashev, chairman of the Coordination Council of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO Alexander Voloshin.

Founder and trustee of the EUSP Fund George Abdushelishvili ran the meeting.

Alexei Kudrin spoke about the latest achievements of the European University, including the receipt of a Presidential Grant for one of the EUSP projects, RBC's Manager of Social Projects award won by EUSP Rector Nikolai Vakhtin, and public lecture projects such as "Autumn Marathon of Science" and "Environment of Enlightenment". Mr. Kudrin also marked the 10th anniversary of the successful work of the EUSP Endowment Fund, which is now one of the Top 3 university endowments in Russia.

Mikhail Piotrovsky underlined that throughout the last several years EUSP has ranked among the top universities in terms of scientific productivity. Books written by EUSP professors are included in the lists of best academic publications in the Russian Federation. EUSP faculty members deliver talks and lectures at the most important Russian and international forums.

Rector Nikolai Vakhtin told the guests what the university does in the absence of a license. He primarily focused on the public events and research activities of EUSP faculty members and research centers.

Vadim Volkov talked about the latest research at the Institute for the Rule of Law, including the application of big data methodology for analyzing the work of law enforcement agencies.

The European University at St. Petersburg is sincerely grateful to all those who took the time to join this meeting, and to all those who have supported and continue to support EUSP in these times of hardship.

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