Senior researcher, Institute for the Rule of Law; Lecturer, Department of Political science and Sociology
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Courses Taught:

  • Economic Sociology
  • Criminology
  • Sociology of Law



  • Defended her master’s thesis, “Izderzhki sobliudeniia zakonodatel’stva v usloviakh izbytochnosti pravil igry: proizvodstvo legal’nosti” [The costs of compliance with legislation when the rules of the game are redundant: the production of legality], at the EUSPb in 2001. Received her PhD in sociology from UMichigan Ann Arbor in 2009.
  • Author of various articles in the following academic journals: Politicheskaia nauka, Ekonomicheskaia sotsiologiia, and Otechestvennye zapiski. Author of book chapters from the Extra Jus series “Pravo i pravoprimenenie v Rossii: mezhdistsiplinarnye issledovaniia” [Law and application in Russia: interdisciplinary studies] (2010) and “Kak sud’i prinimaiut resheniia: empiricheskie issledovaniia” [How courts make decisions: empirical studies of law] (2012).
  • Author of the book “Pravila igry russkykh predprinimatelei: razbitie rynochnykh institutov v usloviiakh protivorechivosti zakonodatel’stiva” [The rules of the game for Russian entrepreneurs: the development of market institutions under contractory legislation] (2008).


“Even the general reader will not come away from E. Paneyakh’s work with the feeling that her theories are merely toys for intellectuals, expensive and useless. The usual vicissitudes of everyday business gain new meaning reflected in these theories. What we have here before us is the rare case of a book written for its readers. That is to say that one can read it without outlining it, without memorizing it, without conquering it. Its light prose demonstrates a successful proportion of tough arguments and elegant proof.”    -- S. Barsukova, review in Ekonomicheskaia sotsiologiia


  • One of the top Russian authors to present expert opinions to the general public. Columnist in Vedomosti,, inliberty, and author of the blog
  • Participant in the Public Lectures project with the lecture “Ekonomika i gosudarstvo: podkhody sotsial’nykh nauk” [Economics and politics: the approaches of social science] (2008). Author of a series of articles included in the series on the economic crisis, published the same year.
  • Academic interests: sociological regulation, informal institutions, legal manipulation, application of law, anthropology of law, black markets, business and government, entrepreneurship.


“Science is an honest instrument. If you can’t shoot, you’re not going to hit your mark.”   -- E. Paneyakh


Selected Publications:

  • 2008 Pravila igry russkykh predprinimatelei [The rules of the game for Russian entrepreneurs]. M: Kolibri.
  • 2011 Transaktsionnye effekty plotnogo regulirovaniia na stykakh organizatsii [Transaction effects of tight regulation on joint organizations] // Politiia, No. 2
  • 2006 Sktrytyi transkript v narrativakh ekonomicheski akivnykh gorozhan o fiskal’noi sisteme [The hidden transcript in fiscal system narratives of economically active citizens]. // Kul’tural’nyy issledovaniia. Ed. A. M. Etkind, P. V. Lysakov. SPb: Izdatel’stvo EUSPb.
  • 2003 Neformal’nye instituty i ispol’zovanie formal’nykh pravil [Informal institutions and the use of formal rules] // Politicheskaia nauka, No. 1
  • 2001 Formal’nye pravila i neformal’nye instituty ikh premeneniia v rossiiskoi ekonomicheskoi praktike [Formal rules and the informal institutions of their use in Russian economic practice] // Ekonomicheskaia sotstiologiia, No. 3.



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