Kraikovski Alexei


Associate Professor, Department of History
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Candidate of Science in History, Assistant Professor of the Department of History, Research Fellow at the The Center for Environmental and Technological History.

Since 2000 Alexei Kraikovski is a researcher at the EUSP, since 2011 he is teaching a course on historical geography and since 2012 – Museum Studies. He has got rich experience as a guest lecturer in many Russian and foreign universities. Also, A.Kraikovski is a qualified guide.


Education and degrees
1995 – Graduated from Saint Petersburg State University.
1998 – Master of History (European University at Saint Petersburg)
2005 – Doctorate in History, thesis topic:  The salt trade in the north of Russia in the 1630`s – 1640`s.

Research interests
Ecological history of Russia, history of fishery, ecological history of the Arctic Region, history and source studies of Russia economy XVI-XVIII.


Main publications (the author has more than 40 publications):

  • “Море – наше поле”. Количественные данные о рыбных промыслах Белого и Баренцева морей, XVIII – начало XX в. СПб. ЕУ СПб. 2010 (с соавторами).
  • The Neva as a metropolitan river of Russia: environment, economy and culture. In Coopey R., Tvedt T. (eds) A History of Water. Series 2, Volume 2. Rivers and Society: From Early Civilizations to Modern Times London, New York: I. B. Tauris, 2010; 339 – 364(with J. Lajus).
  • Sea Fisheries in the Russian North c. 1400-1850, in: David J Starkey, Jon Th Thor & Ingo Heidbrink (eds) A History of the North Atlantic Fisheries: Volume 1, From Early Times to the mid-Nineteenth Century. Bremerhaven: Deutsches Schiffahrtsmuseum 2009: 41 – 64. (with J. Lajus and A. Yurchenko).
  • Historical records of the 17 and 18th century fisheries for Atlantic salmon in northern Russia: methodology and case studies of population dynamics. Fisheries Research 2007. 87(2-3): 240–254 (with Lajus D., Z. Dmitrieva, J. Lajus, D. Alexandrov)
  • The use of historical catch data to trace the influence of climate on fish populations: examples from the White and Barents Sea fisheries in 17th-18th centuries. In: ICES Journal of Marine Sciences. 2005. Vol.62 (7): 1426-1435 (with D.Lajus, Z.Dmitrieva, J.Lajus, A.Yurchenko, D.Alexandrov).
  • Productivity and profitability of Spitsbergen hunting in the late 18th c. In press in Groningen, the Netherlands.
  • The organization of Pomor hunting expeditions to Spitsbergen in the 18th century. In press in Groningen, the Netherlands (with M. Dadykina and J. Lajus).
  • The governmental projects of the whaling development in the 18th c. Russia. In Ringstad J. E. (ed.) Whaling and History III. Sandefjord 2010
  • The governmental projects of modernization of herring fisheries in Russia. In Makowiecki D. et al. (eds). Fishes – culture – environment trough Archaeoichtyology, Ethnography and History. The 15th meeting of ICAZ FRWG. Environment and Culture. Vol. 7. Poznan. 2009: 96–98.
  • Towards the history of the Neva River fisheries: sources, methods, general tendencies (15th-18th cc.). In: Lilja S. (ed.). Leva vid Östersjöns kust. En antologi om resursutnyttjande på båda sidor av Östersjön ca 800-1800. Stockholm: Södertörn 2008: 217-227 (with J. Lajus).
  • Fisheries on the south-eastern coast of the Gulf of Finland and the adjoining river basins, 15th-18th centuries. In: Lilja S. (ed.). Leva vid Östersjöns kust. En antologi om resursutnyttjande på båda sidor av Östersjön ca 800-1800. Stockholm: Södertörn 2008: 197-216 (with J. Lajus and D. Lajus).
  • Environmental history of Russia. In Environment and Development. Policies for our sustainable future. Budapest. 2008: 69–78. (With J. Lajus)
  • Таможенные документы XVII–XVIII вв. как источник по истории морских промыслов на Русском Севере. Торговля,  купечество и таможенное дело в России в XVI–XIX вв. :  сб. материалов Второй междунар. науч. конф. (Курск, 2009 г.) / сост. А. И. Раздорский. — Курск, 2009. 63–66.
  • Цены на рыбу и рыбопродукты в начале XVII в.   (по приходо-расходным книгам Кирилло-Белозерского монастыря) (с З. В. Дмитриевой). Торговля,  купечество и таможенное дело в России в XVI–XIX вв. :  сб. материалов Второй междунар. науч. конф. (Курск, 2009 г.) / сост. А. И. Раздорский. — Курск, 2009. С. 53–63.


 Participation in the research projects

  • The history of salmon and herring fisheries in the White Sea Area – 2001-2010
  • The history of cod and halibut fisheries in the Barents Sea – 2001-2010
  • The history of the Russian walrus hunting – 2002-2003 (All – subprojects of History of Marine Animals Populations Global Program funded by A. P. Sloan Foundation (US) (HMAP, White and Barents Sea project.



Group projects, researcher for the period before 19th c.

  • The history of fisheries in the Russian part of the eastern Baltic – 2003–2004(Subproject of HMAP Baltic Sea project).

Group project, research team leader.

  • The history of fisheries in the Don and Kuban river basins – 2007–2008(Subproject of HMAP Black Sea and Mediterranean project).

Individual project

  • Long-term structures in a coastal landscape – 2004 – 2005 (Sodertorn Hogskola, Sweden).

Group project, researcher.

  • The history of Russian hunting expeditions to Spitsbergen – 2008 – 2009 (Subproject of IPY Large-Scale Historic exploitation of Polar Areas (LASHIPA, project)

Group project, senior researcher.

  • The Long-term dynamics of fish populations and ecosystems of European rivers: data, methodology and the possibilities of efficient management – 2010 - now (Russian-Austrian project, funded by Research Council of Austria and Russian Foundation for basic research, project 10-04-91005-АНФ_а).

Group project, researcher.

  • The history of Schloss-Fall manor - 2010 (Research project, funded by the National Heritage Foundation, Estonia).

Individual project.

  • The vessels of Dezhnev – 2011 - now (Research project, funded by the Administration of Chukotka).

Group project, researcher.

  • The modernization of the Russian system of marine harvesting in the 18th c.  – 2012 - now (Research project, supported by NIAS and Maritime museum Amsterdam).

Individual project.

  • Thalis Black Sea Project – 2013 - now (Research project, funded by the European Union).

Group project, researcher.



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