Center «Petersburg Judaica»

Admissions Procedure

The Petersburg Judaica Interdepartmental Center welcomes applications to its training program “Historical-Anthropological Approaches to Jewish Studies.” The program is designed for young scholars and graduate students from Russian and foreign universities (including EUSP students and alumni) who are engaged in research in Jewish studies or draw on the field as part of comparative research.

The duration of the program is one year.

The program is full time and includes classroom and independent research work directed by the Center’s faculty and fellows. Like other EUSP students, students in the program have access to the EUSP library and may do additional coursework in other departments of the university. Upon graduation, students received an EUSP Certificate as well as a State Supplementary Education Certificate.

Admission to the program is based on the general rules of admission to EUSP.

The written work submitted as part of the application may relate to any field in the humanities and social sciences. It can be an undergraduate thesis, an article or a detailed description of a future research project.

In their statement of intent, applicants should indicate:
1. their research interests
2. their command of the Jewish languages (Hebrew and Yiddish) and their interest in studying them as part of the program
3. the practical outcome they hope to achieve while studying in the program (e.g., an article, an academic course, dissertation chapters, etc.)

Applicants are interviewed to ascertain their motivation, level of preparation and research plans. Out-of-town applicants may be interviewed by phone.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The full cost of tuition for the program is 65,000 rubles, but the Center has a scholarship fund. Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis and cover or exceed the cost of tuition.

Main Lecture Courses in the Program

  • Viktor Kelner: History of the Jews in Russia; Main Trends and Source Issues in Jewish Historiography
  • Alexander Lvov: Modernization of Judaism in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries; Texts and Practices of Judaism from a Historical-Anthropological Perspective
  • Valery Dymshits: History of the Study of the Ethnography and Folklore of Eastern European Jews; Ethnography of the Jewish People: The View from Russia; Yiddish: History of the Language; The Traditional Art of Eastern European Jews
  • Alla Sokolova: History of the Study of the Architectural and Artistic Legacy of Eastern European Jews; The Shtetl from the Perspective of Architectural Anthropology
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