Department of Political Science and Sociology


Lecturer, Department of Political Science and Sociology, ENERPO Program Professor
Degree: PhD in Political Sciences
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  • Introduction to Energy Politics
  • Introduction to Energy Law

Lecturer in International Politics, specialising in international energy politics and EU politics. Dr Sharples received his PhD from the University of Glasgow, UK, having written his thesis on the subject of 'Russian state and Gazprom conceptions of natural gas as a strategic resource and gas exports to the EU during the Medvedev Presidency 2008-2012'. Dr Sharples also holds the qualifications of MSc (2007) and MRes (2008) in Russian and East European Studies from the University of Glasgow, and BA in Politics from the University of York, UK (2005).

Since September 2014, Dr Sharples is an Associate Lecturer in the Department of Political Science and Sociology (PNIS). Dr Sharples joined EUSP as a lecturer on the ENERPO programme in September 2013, where he continues to teach classes on Energy Politics and Energy Law. Prior to joining EUSP, Dr Sharples gained teaching experience at the University of Glasgow, and as a guest lecturer at the EU Delegation to Russia 'EuroSchools'.

Dr Sharples has published articles on Russian approaches to energy security and climate change (in the journal Environmental Politics), and the role of Russia in European energy security (in the journal Political Perspectives). Dr Sharples was previously a Visiting Researcher at EUSP (2009-10), Brussels School of International Studies (2010), and the Institute of Europe (Russian Academy of Sciences), Moscow (2011). In addition to his teaching commitments, Dr Sharples is also the author of the monthly 'Gazprom Monitor' report for the European Geopolitical Forum. Dr Sharples' current research interests include: EU-Russia energy relations; Russian foreign and domestic energy policy; Energy security; The relationship between energy security and climate change; EU Politics.

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