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Interdisciplinary seminar

IMG 8620The Interdisciplinary Seminar, where the department’s guests present their work, is an important platform for scholarly interaction amongst students and faculty. Communication with teachers and colleagues from other countries and cooperation in joint projects shape a professional community in the department focused on the highest international standards.

The seminar was created to give EUSP students and faculty, along with colleagues and students from other educational and research centers, the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the current research of Russian and foreign scholars.

Today, the Interdisciplinary Seminar is a place where the latest ideas and projects are discussed. Since its inception, over a hundred researchers have addressed the seminar, including Diego Gambetta (Oxford University), Alexander Dallin (Stanford University), Ken Jowitt (Hoover Institution, Stanford University), Bruno Latour (Sciences Po Paris), Guillermo O’Donnell (Notre Dame University), Loet Leyesdorff (University of Amsterdam), Mario Biagioli (UC Davic), and Richard Whitley (University of Manchster). By tradition, teachers and students have an opportunity to discuss the latest scholarly findings not only in an academic but also in an informal setting, both at the EUSP and outside its walls.



February 16, at 18:00 in the White Hall (room 430, 6/1 Gagarinskaya st.) Mischa Gabowitsch gave a talk “Are Copycats Subversive? Strategy-31, the Russian Runs, the Immortal Regiment, and the Transformative Potential of Non-Hierarchical Movements”.

Some of the most visible recent movements in Russia cannot be accurately described as either bottom-up or top-down. They are copycat movements, in that the initial idea for a new type of public activity spreads quickly across numerous locales with minimal organizational efforts on the part of those who originated it. This talk analyzes three such movements and discusses the structural features they share despite their widely differing ideological background, objectives, and popularity: the Strategy-31 protests for the freedom of assembly, the ultranationalist temperance movement known as Russian Runs, and the commemorative processions titled Immortal Regiment.

February 21 at 19:00 in the Conference Hall (room 201, 6/1 Gagarinskaya st.) Alenka Zupančič (The Institute of Philosophy of the Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts) will give a talk "Sex and Ontology".



March 19th David Woodruff (Professor, London School of Economics) gave a talk devoted to Karl Polanyi and application of his theory to the contemporary crisis in Eurozone.

February 14th Professor Tanya Bertsel organized a master class with the Center for European Studies-EU Centre titled “What the European Union Does with Neighboring Countries: Transformative Power of the EU.”

Tanya Bertsel is a professor and the director of the Center for European Integration at the Free University of Berlin.


IMG 1424December 6th Catherine Guisan gave a presentation: "Between Theory and Practice: Hannah Arendt's 'Enlarged Mentality' and Thinking Through EU Immigration."

Catherine Guisan is a professor at the University of Minnesota and a visiting professor in the Department of Political Science and Sociology during the spring semester of the 2013-2014 academic year.

 November 29th Oksana Timofeeva gave a talk: "The Beast As Such: Marx, M. Serres, Platonov, and the Animal Kingdom."

 The report analyzed several conceptions of the “natural” and “spiritual” in the animal kingdom in the works of Marx, Serre, Hegel, and Platonov. It also compared metaphors of “predator” and “parasite” in the description of universal economic models of society, where some features of Marxist philosophy and the politics of nature were noted.

 Oksana Timofeeva is a researcher at Humboldt University of Berlin and a senior research fellow at the Russian Academy of Science’s Institute of Philosophy.

 October 18th Ithaca College professor Zillah Eisenstein gave a lecture: “Feminisms and Racial Resistance” as part of the Gender Studies Program.

 IMG 8055September 27th Professor Boris Doktorov gave a presentation: “History in Biographies and Biographies in History.” During the seminar there he also gave a presentation on his book Contemporary Russian Sociology. History in Biographies and Biographies in History, published in Spring by the European University at St. Petersburg.

 IMG 2681 resizeJune 4th and 5th Loet Leyesdorff, professor at the University of Amsterdam, presented a talk. Leidersdorf defended a dissertation in chemistry but quickly switched to social science research. Over the decades he became one of the leading experts in scientometrics and, in particular, the application of systems theory to the study of academic networks. His presentations were of interest not only to academics and social scientists, but to those interested in social network analysis and possibilities for data visualization. Professor Leidersdorf devoted one day to discussing individual projects of EUSP students.

IMG 0502 resizeApril 26th Richard Whitely (University of Manchester) gave a presentation titled “Institutional Change, Authority Shifts and Scientific Innovations.” The report provided a comparative analysis of the impact of a new institutional framework of management science in the development of four research programs in different disciplines. The disputant was Mikhail Sokolov.


IMG 8958 resizeFebruary 22nd Vadim Radaev spoke on the subject: “The Academic Sociologist in the Market of Applied Research” as part of an interdisciplinary conference in the Department of Political Science and Sociology.

 Vadim Radaev is a PhD in Economics, professor, Head of the Department of Economic Sociology in the HSE’s Sociology Department, head of the HSE’s Laboratory of Economics and Social Research, and the editor in chief of the journal “Economic Sociology.” You can download the audio link here.

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IMG 8583October 12th at 19:30 Madina Tlostanova gave a public lecture in the White Hall titled “Post-Socialist ≠ Post-Colonial? On the Post-Soviet Imaginary and Global Colonialism.”

Madina Tlostanova is a professor in the RANEPA Department of Philosophy, PhD in Philosophy, a specialist in postcolonial studies of Russian culture, and the coauthor of the book Learning to Unlearn. Decolonial Reflection from Eurasia and the Americas (written with Walter Mignolo).

February 20th There was a joint seminar between the Department of Political Science and Sociology and the Res Publica Center titled “Social Movements in Contemporary Russia. Boris Gladarev and Carine Clément in Dialogue.”

Boris Gladarev is a Candidate of Sociology (2006) and an academic associate at the Center for Independent Social Research. His academic interests include social movements research, social network analysis, economic sociology, and the sociology of law enforcement.

Carine Clément is the director of the “Collective Action” Institute and an academic associate of the Russian Academy of Science’s Institute of Sociology.

March 22nd Andrey Makarychev gave a seminar: “International Democracy. A Critical Analysis of Concepts.”

IMG 8124April 2nd Lorenzo Chiesa gave a presentation titled “Lysenko and Contemporary Materialist Dialectic in the Life Sciences.”

Dr. Lorenzo Chiesa is a professor at the University of Kent. His research interests include contemporary French thought, contemporary Italian thought and culture, Freudian and Lacanian psychoanalysis, and Marxist theory.

April 6th Roland Boer gave a presentation: “Lenin and Theology: Miracles Can Happen.”

Roland Boer is a professor at the University of Newcastle (Australia).

April 27th Kirill Kalinin (Russian Economic School) gave a presentation: “Diagnostics of Electoral Fraud in the 2012 Russian Presidential Elections (An Attempt to Combine Polling Data Analysis and Electoral Statistics Data).”

Kirill Kalinin graduated from the EUSP’s Masters Program. He was also a Fulbright Scholar and Carnegie Endowment fellow. He is a PhD candidate in the University of Michigan’s (Ann Arbor) Department of Political Science. He is the author of “Electoral Fraud in Russia: Vote Counts Analysis Using Second-Digit Mean Tests’ (Walter R. Mebane, Jr., Kirill Kalinin). He currently teaches at the Russian Economic School.

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