• Workshop Report: “At Home: Jews and Muslims in Eastern Europe”

    On 28–29 June 2018, Prisma Ukraïna and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Osteuropakunde conducted a workshop titled “At Home: Jews and Muslims in Eastern Europe” at Forum Transregionale Studien in Berlin. The title of the event makes an important point: contrary to the assumptions of many laypeople, both Jews and Muslims are no foreign “Others”, but they are actually native to Europe and particularly rooted in its eastern regions. At the same time, Judaism and Islam are major religious denominations that cannot be easily confined to a bounded space, which opens up the discussion about the conflict between feelings of affiliation and belonging on a local but also a global scale. After all, religions are differently interpreted and practiced from place to place and there is a potential for these differences to clash. In some instances, religious identification may involve the acquisition of characteristics that are more typical for other kinds of identity. We might then be talking about gradati ...

    Международная конференция «ISLAM AND THE CITY = ИСЛАМ В ГОРОДЕ: мусульмане в городском пространстве современной России» пройдет в Европейском университете 14 декабря 2017 года.
  • Языки советского ислама: идеологии, сети и практики

    20-21 апреля в рамках «Недели советского» факультет истории провел Международную конференцию «Языки советского ислама»: конференцию о религии в атеистическом обществе.