Дата события: 01.05.2017 Рубрика: Письма поддержки

We, the undersigned Oxford academics, wish to express our surprise that the European University at St Petersburg is facing a legal threat to terminate the tenancy of its premises at the Small Marble Palace. The European University has a well-deserved international reputation, and we understand that its authorities have made a strenuous effort to comply with their architectural and financial responsibilities. A tenancy termination would have an extremely damaging effect. We ask you to do what you can to relieve the current pressure on the European University and its staff and to enable it to continue its productive scholarly and education work in its current premises.

Dr Philip Bullock
Dr Paul Chaisty
Professor Catriona Kelly
Dr Claire Knight
Professor Judith Marquand
Dr Michael Nicholson
Prof. Rick van der Ploeg
Dr Alex Pravda
Mr Richard Ramage
Dr Oliver Ready
Professor Robert Service
Professor Gerald Smith
Professor Stephen Smith
Professor Andrei Zorin

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