HSF SUPPORTS EUSP Дата события: 15.05.2017 Рубрика: Письма поддержки

The Helsingin Sanomat Foundation (HSF) is deeply concerned about the situation around the European University at St. Petersburg (EUSP).

The HSF has with great anxiety followed the alarming news about the possible revocation of the university’s license.

The HSF is very proud that EUSP is one of the six top universities abroad with which it collaborates. The cooperation between the HSF and the EUSP in further educating
Finnish journalists began a year ago. Already this short period of time has convinced the HSF of the high-quality and ambitious teaching and research at the university.
The importance of continuing the cooperation and giving Finnish journalists a unique opportunity to pursue studies at EUSP cannot be overemphasized. Studies
at the university help Finnish journalists and thus the Finnish public – readers, listeners and viewers - to better understand Russia, its history, culture, politics and current development.

The Helsingin Sanomat Foundation expresses its strong support for the European University at St. Petersburg and looks forward to future cooperation.

Kaius Niemi
Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Ulla Koski

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