Дата события: 16.06.2017 Время: 19:00 Зал: Аудитория 429 (Золотой зал) Организатор: Факультет истории искусств Спикер: Маттео Дарио Паолуччи, Венецианский архитектурный университет IUAV

Water towns have a great potential due to the presence of water, this makes them also more fragile, demanding higher level of attention and sensibility for their protection. Venice, despite the high level of protection by the legislative framework, struggles for the conservation of its soul and image. The climate changes, the growing pressure of the tourism and sometimes the incapacity of controlling or managing the urban transformations risk to weaken its conservation. The lecture will provide an overview on the main issues for the conservation of the town.


Matteo DARIO PAOLUCCI graduated from Venice Architecture University (IUAV) and specialised in architecture conservation at Edinburgh College of Art (ECA), he obtained a PhD in Earth and Human Environment Science at Chiba University (Japan) where he received the JSPS post-doc fellowship and the Hosei University International Fellowship. He participated to different projects related to urban conservation and historic landscape in Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Japan and China collaborating with Aga Khan Trust for Culture, Agency for Cultural Properties of Japan, IsIAO, China National Institute of Cultural Property and several universities in Japan, China and Italy.

He published several essays regarding cultural landscape and gardens; more recently, he has been co-editor with Giorgio Gianighian of the book “Conservation in Japan: architecture, city, landscape”.

At the present he is Assistant Professor at Universita’ IUAV di Venezia. His research activity mainly focuses on historic rural landscape, architecture and urban conservation.

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