Event date: 04.08.2017 Project: Open Courses Speaker: Ivan Kurilla

Professor Ivan Kurilla has launched an online course on the history of Russian – American relations with the Arzamas project.

The course consists of five short Russian-language video-lectures and supporting materials.


Transcripts of the lectures are also available on the project’s web-site:

Part I Why do Russia and America think about each other? How does the image of another country help us identify ourselves?

Part II What does Russia think about America? Stronghold of democracy, industrial hotbed, ally, enemy and other images of America.

Part III What does America think about Russia? Help recipient, an example to imitate, ally, enemy and other images of Russia.

Part IV From Russia to America and back. Why did anarchists, Jews, inventors, black people and workers cross the Atlantic?

Part V How do Russian - American relations change? What does Russian - American friendship or hostility depend on?

Ivan Kurilla is a Professor of History at EUSP Department of Political Science and Sociology. He is also the Academic Director of our IMARES Program.

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